The Artistry of Bike Friday Design

Michael Embacher’s New World Tourist. photo courtesy of Cyclepedia.

If you love bikes, the Portland [Oregon] Art Museum is a must-see destination this summer with its exhibit: Cyclepedia: Iconic Bicycle Design.

The exhibit is a display from the private collection of Michael Embacher, a bicycle aficionado and designer who wrote the book “Cyclepedia.”

Bike Friday’s New World Tourist is part of Embacher’s collection, and one of the 40 bicycles selected for display in Portland.

“I am not much for art books on the coffee table in the living room, but when I first saw our customer Michael Embacher’s book Cyclopedia I  knew he was an appreciator of bikes in my own sense,” Bike Friday Co-Founder Alan Scholz says.

“He has collected some of the most interesting bikes built in my lifetime, and a few before. When you see the picture of his attic in his house in Austria you will know you are not the only one that says the right number of bikes is just one more!

“He has collected a huge range of cool designs that are some quite a ways from ‘common’ bikes. If you like bikes you will really enjoy Michael’s pick of bikes to collect for your bike geek enjoyment.”

Bike Friday will be partnering with the Portland Museum of Art throughout the exhibit’s run to help visitors understand and appreciate what Bike Friday has to offer.

It is a fantastic opportunity to justify a trip to Oregon: Come pick up your new Bike Friday and visit the exhibit.

One of the coolest aspects of Embacher’s work can be enjoyed whether or not you can make it to Portland. It’s the Cyclepedia iPad AP that is available on iTunes and just a blast to play with [especially the Bike Friday display].

As Bike Friday finalizes its appearances in Portland during the exhibit we will announce them here.

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