Tandem fun in New Zealand

Carolyn McHale stopping for a nice lunch in New Zealand.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: We recently received this note and photos from Bike Friday owners David and Carolyn McHale.]

“When our son moved on a short term contract to Wellington last August we decided to realize our long held dream of cycle touring in New Zealand.”As part of the planning for the trip we purchased intercity bus passes, which allow for ten journeys to be taken.

“We used this facility to extend the distance over which we cycled and to cut out routes which have heavy traffic. Having the Bike Friday Tandem Two’sDay in suitcases meant there was never a problem of catching a bus.  If you have an ordinary cycle they can still be taken on the bus but you have to enquire on the day whether there is room.  Bookings can also be made and cancelled without penalty over the web.

“We landed in Auckland and had a few days hilly cycling to get rid of the jet lag, a bus journey through North Island to visit our son in Wellington, followed by the ferry crossing to South Island for four weeks cycle-camping. (The ferry crossing is included in the bus pass!)

“We were not disappointed with North or South Island.  The scenery was fantastic, the people were friendly, the roads were basically quiet, and all the campsites had modern facilities.

“If our son extends his contract we’ll probably be back next year!

“Our travels are chronicled on our tumblr blog.  To read it in chronological CLICK HERE

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