South by South East


Weeks ago
Cool rivers in Austin
Distilled the sounds of south by south west

A bike box
Trains and purple lights under bridges
Tracks rolling to New Orleans

The dearest family
They shared their hotel room
And the streets of chaos

Gators love marshmallows
Brown moccasins are aggressive
People in cars can be too

Waiting out storms
With a family of eight
Plus five for a night

Plus we got to climb trees
And swing swings
And witness bees

The journey unfolding
On a bicycle built for me
Manufactured in Eugene, Oregon

To witness strangers
Who become friends
Embracing with love

Love that is not created
But discovered
. . . and it is everywhere

Finishing touches to trailer leaving from big bend national park.

St.Patricks day in New Orleans . . . Ridiculous

It rained a lot in Mississippi.

. . . So we made cookies!

. . . And got dressed up?

The whole gang.

Ferry ride in Mississippi. Then I got on a bus from Tallahassee to savannah to make up some lost time.

Breakfast/lunch dessert/dinner dessert in savannah. What a beautiful place!

The river in Savannah, Georgia.

Best fried chicken meal so far, complete with sweet tea.


Jacob Publicover

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