Silky Tweeds in Raleigh

Stuart Knoles and his Bike Friday Silk at the Triangle Tweed Ride in Raleigh, NC.

BY STUART KNOLES/Bike Friday Owner

It’s not how you feel, it’s how you look; and you look mmuvalus.

I had planned on being showy for the Second Annual Triangle Tweed Ride in Raleigh, North Carolina. Cycling is another worldly, right? And when with others it is a kind of see and be seen.

I think there is something about a well-dressed lady on a bicycle. Maybe some ride a bike because the think they are not, but for me, rather riding fast and hard, or otherwise, the bicycle is sophistication — and motivated by a subconscious desire to be out there, and to blow some minds.

Stuart left nothing to chance.

The long anticipated Silk was going to be shown in the tweed ride. I do like the whole thing of vintage bikes, and sharp dressing in vintage style clothing, but the Silk would be as far away from vintage as could be — as one of the first of a fairly radical new design to come out of production.

Had in mind a thrift store suit I had been keeping, and the fact that there was no practical reason for knickers, or any trouser leg modification in order to ride the Carbon Belt Drive. I am so serious about tweed rides that I was afraid of being thought: that is clever but it’s not tweed: he’s not tweed.

The Silk drew quite a bit of attention, or was it my attire? And if the derby hat and cane umbrella just seem classily surreal, yes, it is the Rene Magritte influence.

The Silk fit right in.

At the last minute, the label decals on the frame had to go: just clashed with the effect. Do not get me wrong; I am very proud to be riding a Bike Friday. There were many: hey, is that a Bike Friday?

To which I could say: why, it certainly is. I was riding with the umbrella in the start/finish area to get some shots for Bike Friday, as I had told them I was looking forward to getting the bike before the tweed ride — and be able to put it on show.

Then again how much respect comes from a guy in a bowler hat, rose-colored glasses, riding while holding up a cane umbrella? Well, the Silk is not your everyday usual bike (although is definitely for riding everyday). I just wanted to fit in.

You know, being extremely outlandish just to fit in. Rather surprised to be selected as the Finest Fellow. The award was a very fine VeloOrange saddlebag, which will be ideal for a tote bag for the bike — when I get it made.

Bicycles should also be style.

I think the Silk fits.

Silk is Style.

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