Cargo Bike Under-Rack Bag

The Under-rack bag is made to fit a place other bikes just don’t have!

Designed for our cargo bike models:

See description below for more details!

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Part Number: 19718



The Haul-a-Day Under-rack bag fits into a space that other bikes don’t have! Under the Haul-a-Days rear rack is a sizable hidden space above the fender. This bag is custom made for the Haul-a-Day with a huge 450 cubic inch capacity that uses this hidden space. It has a large reflective stripe on the rear end. The Under rack bag features a loop for attaching your rear light. This space is not only large but great to keep stuff that you might need completely out of your way.

1) Use of fender with this product is encouraged to keep bag off of tire surface when stuffed full
2) Best used for light bulky items

Quantity Limits and Fulfillment time: Due to the hand-made nature of this product, we sew from scratch, order quantities have been limited to one (1) and fulfillment times can vary based on availability but should ship within 2 weeks.

Additional information

Weight .38 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 6 × 2 in
Shipping package

The weight and dimensions listed here are for calculating the shipping price. They are not describing the actual product.

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