Portland Sunday Parkways: A Great Day

A steady crowd enjoyed great weather at the first Portland Sunday Parkways of the season.

By Raz

The hustle and bustle of the day slowly began to wind down under the sizzling, spring sun as the day drew to a close.

With temperatures into the 90s on a stunning Mother’s Day, the heat began to wear a bit on the thousands of riders trolling the streets of Portland.

That’s when Evelyn Kim rode up to the Bike Friday booth along with her seven-year-old daughter Jane.

That’s when the buzz cranked up again.

“We just came to say hello!” Evelyn said, with a wide, bubbling smile on her face. “We just got our Bike Friday in time, and this is our first ride!”

Behind her,  Jane beamed as brightly. They rolled up on their Cream Soda Blue Bike Friday Family Tandem, custom built to fit the unique size of its two riders.

“It’s fantastic,” Evelyn said, “to think that I can be the captain at 4-foot-10 is just great. We’re having a great day.”

The Portland Sunday Parkways program kicked off for 2012 in rousing fashion on Sunday, May 13, with huge crowds of cycling enthusiasts hitting the streets of Northeast Portland.

We had a steady steam of visitors to the Bike Friday booth, both Bike Friday owners and newcomers checking out our bikes and taking them for test rides under the bright sunny skies with temperatures climbing in to the 90s.

The Belt Drive tikits continue to garner a lot of attention as commuters look for a low maintenance solution for getting around town.

The quiet, clean and smooth ride of the Belt Drive system surprises test riders.

But in the end, the day was summed up best by young Jane. She called it, “the greatest day ever.”


Chris Nelson prepares the Family Tandem for yet another test ride.

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  1. I was there! A big thank you to Chris for the excellent adjustment to my disk brakes. Glad to see you all at Sunday Parkways and hope you make some more of them.


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