Portland shines again


Portland Sunday Parkways closed its 2011 season on Sept. 25 with a ride through the Northeast section of town.

Despite some stormy weather, with periods of downpours, the turnout was pretty good.

When the sun poked through, the traffic level spiked and everyone was out to have a good time.

A reminder to anyone who was there, or missed it. We plan to come up to Portland for a Show and Ride event the weekend of October 22-23. The site has yet to be determined. If you are not on our email list (if you are on our email list, you would have gotten the email notice last week that we were coming to Portland Sunday Parkways), just email Raz (raz@bikefriday.com) and he’ll make sure you get notified where and when we will be there.

Meanwhile, enjoy some shots from Sunday:

Wind and rain got the event off to a somewhat slow start.
We took advantage of all our real estate.


It's all about the fold -- at least when trying to attract a quick crowd.


A Eugene Celebration style float rolled by, escorted by a Bike Friday Family Tandem. Slow on the camera, yeah, sorry about that.


Even a downpour couldn't dampen the spirits of some participants ...


... nor dampen some of the exhibitors, like our own Kirk Toy.


Test riding was a chancy proposition at times.


Wish I could speak the language! A group discussed Bike Fridays in sign language.
But there was some sunshine, and smiles.


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  1. Test rode the Tikit at Portland Sunday Parkways. Amazing little machine. I must have ridden 20 miles starting at 11am (getting things set up and checking on logistics), on the tour with folks from all around the Portland region who are thinking of bringing Sunday Parkways to their town, out to Cully to check on the traffic plan, and then back to the Durham Marketplace at the very end of the day. Everyone wanted to look at the bike, but most of all, it was an incredibly good ride. I wasn’t fatigued, and it felt like I was riding my “regular” bike – only better. Love the ease of getting on and off and that it is so light-weight. Thanks to Rez for setting me up. You rock!

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