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  1. Hi, just bought a pair of 20 x 1.25 Kenda road tires for my pocket rocket – just what I wanted… but
    never going to fit!!! So is there a an alternative that you know fits that’s a little wider than the IRC 20 x 1/8.’s
    That come with the bike ( maybe a little more tread) ?
    I’m a little gun shy about ordering another set of tires after this fail so sources you think are reliable Wouk be awesome too!

    1. Henry, the major fit issue you had there was most likely a diameter issue and not a width one. There are two different 20″ wheels and it sounds like you bought the smaller of the two. A generality you can follow is that if the width is expressed in decimal (e.g. 20 x 1.25″), then you likely have a 406mm tire (that’s ISO/ETRTO sizing, measuring the bead seat diameter) which is too small. Keep looking for fractional widths (e.g. 20 x 1⅛”) to ensure you get the correct 451mm tire. Usually, there’s a XX-YYY printed on the tire, too, where XX is the ISO/ETRTO width in millimeters and YYY is the bead seat diameter in millimeters. So make sure there’s always a -451 on the tire somewhere. That all said, you should be able to handle up to an 1⅜” at least assuming the tire isn’t knobby. Some options in that size include the Tioga PowerBlock, Arisun XLR8, Maxxis DTH, Vee Speedster, and the Maxxis Torch.

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