OSATAs Hitting the Pavement for Safety

A class at Kelly Middle School in Eugene, OR, took their Bike Friday OSATAs for a ride as their safety classes drew to a close.

Bike Friday is proud to be a part of the Eugene Bicycle Safety Education Program.

According to Shane MacRhodes, who runs the program, it is growing thanks to the  Jane Higdon Foundation and support from many local partners. We got to see the fleet of Bike Friday OSATAs out on the road recently with a group of students from Kelly Middle School.

For over a decade some local students have received a 10-hour bike safety education class at their school through the Portland-based  Bicycle Transportation Alliance Safe Routes for Kids” program.  Over the past two years, a coalition of partners has worked to expand and build upon that program to reach even more students.

With the support of a grant from the Jane Higdon Foundation the Eugene Bicycle Safety Education program curriculum is being expanded by the local School Districts and the City of Eugene Recreation Division™  River House Outdoor Program.

This fall and spring, city recreation staff will use three fleets of bikes owned by the school districts to teach at eight middle schools in the region, reaching more than 700 kids .

The 100 bikes and three trailers (used to store and move the fleets) were purchased locally through various grants and sponsorships. One fleet was even specially built for the program by local bike manufacturer Bike Friday and adjusts to fit kids and adults.

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