On the Trail

The Pocket Llama folds for a quick in and out of the truck.

It’s not like I would ever strap on body armor, take a ski lift to the top of a mountain and blast my way down on my Pocket Llama. I’m not really a mountain biker. I just ride my Bike Friday on trails.

Which is why I get it when a baggy pants dude raises an eyebrow when we say we build a mountain bike. Our full-fledged mountain bike that will fold into your backpack is still an R&D dream at this point.

But if you want to get off the paved road — the beaten path, if you will — the Pocket Llama will oblige.

Rolling through the Lava Fields on the far side of Clear Lake.

Oregon boasts some of the sweetest groomed trails in the land. You can get off-road and into Mother Nature’s womb in a heartbeat.

With the remaining snow inching up to higher elevations, miles of Oregon single track have opened for business.

One of my favorite playgrounds is Clear Lake, near the head of the McKenzie River Trail.

Some of the views of Clear Lake take your breath away.

I’ll be the first to tell you that taking a Pocket Llama the distance on the McKenzie River Trail would be a push.

That is, you might be pushing a lot. Without front suspension, the fatigue of the 23-plus mile trail will take its toll. Areas where you roll through serious Lava fields are technically challenging for any mountain bike, but especially so for one with 20-inch wheels.

But you can easily chop the trail into doable sections. Each is worth whatever sacrifices you need to make to see Oregon’s splendor.

At the top, around Clear Lake, there are plenty of places to play.

You can circle Clear Lake, or head off onto the famous McKenzie River Trail.


I love wooden bridges.


The fir needles pad the trail.


Long, short, wide, narrow -- bridges galore.


There are some big trees, too.


Crossing the McKenzie River.


Oregon: Rivers, waterfalls, lakes and trails.



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  1. I’m impressed! I think I would stick to the part of the trail around Belknap Hot Springs (smoother and well… right next to the hot springs). You should try out Flat Creek in Oakridge. I think the Pocket Llama would do really well on that trail.

    1. Good point. The lower portion of the McKenzie River Trail is very rider friendly. I’ll have to check out Flat Creek. Oakridge has plenty of great trails.

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