Mayor’s Visit

A group of 18 visitors from the Mayor’s Innovation Project Summer Meeting rode bicycles from the University of Oregon to Bike Friday for a Factory Tour.

The sun poked through the morning clouds as a line of 20 bicycles rolled off the Fern Ridge Bike Path on Friday morning into the Bike Friday parking lot.

The group included 18 officials who are in Eugene for the Mayor’s Innovation Project Summer Meeting.

According to its website, the Mayor’s Innovation Project, based at the Center on Wisconsin Strategy in Madison, WI, is a learning network among American mayors committed to “high road” policy and governance: shared prosperity, environmental sustainability, and efficient democratic government.

Around the country, mayors are taking the lead on pressing social issues — climate change, infrastructure, economic revitalization, health care, prison reentry, and more. MIP supports and encourages this innovation by providing cutting-edge thinking and concrete examples that your city can use right away.

They included a Bike Friday Factory Tour as part of their meeting to learn more about the Sustainability practices that have been a foundation of the company since Hanz and Alan Scholz opened our doors in 1992.

The group received a personalized tour by Bike Friday General Manager Hanna Scholz, who pointed out several of Bike Friday’s Green initiatives.

Bike Friday General Manager Hanna Scholz demonstrates the quick fold of the tikit for the group, explaining how the tikit provides a solution to the Last Mile.


Hanna Scholz shows how the tikit can roll easily while folded. Hanna Scholz (left) explains that each Bike Friday is test ridden before Merle Rothweiler (right) packs it for shipping.


Bike Friday Co-Founder Alan Scholz (foreground) welcomed the group to Oregon and explained some of Bike Friday’s Lean Manufacturing Practices.


Local TV stations stopped by to share the story with viewers.


Some of the guests jumped onto the Carbon Drive tikit with Gates Carbon Belt Drive for a test ride.


As usual, the belt drive delivered a surprisingly fun ride.


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