Making changes in trade policy and road safety with Congressman Peter Defazio…


Making changes in trade policy and road safety with Congressman Peter Defazio.

Peter has his Oregon heart in the right place by petting the dog first ❤️

When we got the call from Congressman Defazio’s office, we were excited that a long-time Bike Friday owner and change maker was coming back to town. Even better that he came back to town for the sole purpose of trying American Made Electric Bikes(which are rare indeed). He was very firm that he wanted to try a Bike Friday Haul-a-Day cargo bike, the mother of cargo bikes with how functional and friendly it truly is. It’s the only cargo bike in the world that will actually fit almost anyone with just a few minor adjustments.

We met at the local Electric Bike shop which only had one American Made electric bike on its floor among many, many other bikes. Thankfully that bike happens to be our very own Bike Friday Haul-a-Day, which he came to ride. We spent a little time getting to know each other again and learning about all the electric bikes available and then the best part came, we all jumped on bikes and off we went.

Peter got the biggest challenge of them all(other than our own camera crew) which was his very first cargo bike ride. To up the anty, as they say, he got an adult passenger on the back of his bike which no question gave him a challenge at first. Thankfully Peter is a seasoned bike rider himself so it didn’t take him long to get comfortable and off he went. We walked him through the different assist levels and before you knew it, we had dropped most of the crowd that was along with us for the ride.

On this ride, we climbed the local butte, enjoyed the views of the city and talked about all the amazing infrastructure that the City of Eugene has built and what is next. Peter talked about bringing back funding for the Safe Routes to School programs which are based off the Bike Friday OSATA bikes, an adjustable frame to fit each rider perfectly and made right here in Eugene, Oregon U.S.A. Peter spoke about the importance of American Made.

T’was a fun ride on a beautiful day here in the Willamette Valley. This experience is exactly what every member of congress should be doing if they care about our infrastructure, which is crumbling and making the incremental change as a society to alternative modes of transportation.

More about Congressman Peter Defazio and his time here at the Eugene Electric Bike and how Congress can learn from this experience.


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