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We are expanding our business using the newly available platform of Equity Crowdfunding. We are offering the community a chance to become a part of the company in a way not previously possible. Join us as we jump into emerging markets, grow our team, expand our production capacity, and refine our offerings. Learn more about how you can invest in American Ingenuity and the future of sustainable transportation. 

Aiming for a Major Expansion in Local Manufacturing

The Scholz Family, Founders of Bike Friday

Tapping into the Power of Equity Crowdfunding, We’ve Set our Sights on an Ambitious Undertaking

We’ve always thought of the Bike Friday community more like family than customers. One big worldwide family of commuters, component geeks, triathletes, tourists, bike moms, gravel grinders, and road riders all joined by our common love of performance that packs. Many of you have been with us since the very beginning when Bike Friday was just an idea with an ad in Bicycling Magazine. Since then, we have grown from a small garage operation to an internationally recognized brand with tens of thousands of loyal followers. Along the way we’ve shared meals together, met up for long rides, and some of you have even stayed in our home! 

Now we’re inviting you to truly become part of the family in a way not previously possible, Crowd-Funded Equity.* With recent changes in the Federal regulations on investment, you can now invest in a company without being a certified (i.e. fabulously wealthy) investor. We’re thrilled to be making an offering through the online platform StartEngine. We are inviting the Bike Friday Community to join us in launching into a new era, and sharing in the results!


Things have changed since 1992

When Alan and Hanz founded Bike Friday, George Bush (the first) was president, everyone used VHS tapes, and no one had heard of the Web. For many years Bike Friday was part of a very small group of folding bike companies and the only company building high performance bicycles, including the first ones designed to pack into airline checkable suitcases. People bought bikes over the phone or in person at our small shop. Our marketing at the time was almost exclusively word of mouth.  As word spread, a community of enthusiastic riders built up around us. We had arrived. But then others starting arriving too, and our niche got smaller. Meanwhile the internet exploded, smart phones became ubiquitous, and the entire game changed. In the age of Amazon and Google, people’s expectations have shifted, fueled by algorithms and instant-everything. 

As Hanna stepped into the pilot’s seat, succeeding her father and co-founder Alan, she plotted a new course for the company. Hanna’s vision boldly embraced the changing of the tide, she’s streamlined our offerings, and focused on the emerging markets of family bikes, city friendly bikes and e-assist in addition to our famous travel bikes. She’s rebuilt our website from the ground up to be simpler, sleeker, and mobile-friendly. She’s grown our existing online social media presence by over 150% in the last 2 years, introduced new channels like Instagram, and tripled our efforts in digital marketing. Hanna has jumped on the new opportunities that crowd funding platforms offer. In the last three years she has run two successful Kickstarter campaigns, and now, a new equity crowdfunding campaign. With our newest campaign we are on the verge of a major transformation in our core business structure – building an inventory of bikes to be available on demand, thereby increasing our profitability and responsiveness to spontaneous market opportunities. 

Our plans for expansion are to:

  • Vastly increase production output by building streamlined models into inventory during the off season

  • Capitalize on the popularity of e-assist by becoming leading experts on folding e-bikes

  • Explore the emerging markets of bike leasing and bike consignment

  • Grow our team, increasing our sales staff and hiring an additional engineer

At Bike Friday, we are committed to the long term, to serving you, to changing with the times, and building and delivering bicycles in the ways that people need. The name Bike Friday references Man Friday, of “Robinson Crusoe”, because, like Crusoe’s loyal helper, we want our bikes to always be at your side.

As we stand on the edge of making some big changes to the business, we’d like you to be by our side. We’d like you to become part of the company and share in a larger way.

Will you join us?


*So what is Crowd-Funded Equity?

Equity crowdfunding is the online offering of private company securities to a group of people for investment, in other words, it’s a way to allow a community to invest in a business they believe in!

In exchange for giving money to a business, investors receive ownership of a small piece of that business. If the business succeeds, then its value goes up, as well as the value of a share in that business—the converse is also true.

Regulations- Because equity crowdfunding involves investment into a commercial enterprise, it’s subject to securities and financial regulation by the SEC. This means that there are a lot of rules as to what, and how, we can communicate with you during this campaign. Red tape galore. The best way —really the only way— to ask questions and learn more about our campaign is directly on the campaign page itself. Federal law requires that everyone be given access to the exact same information, and the only surefire way to do that is through our page on StartEngine.


About Bike Friday: Bike Friday is an innovative folding bike manufacturer based in Eugene, Oregon. Founded in 1992, Bike Friday has built tens of thousands of custom bicycles to individual order. Bike Friday specializes in high performance bicycles meant to easily pack and have with you ready to ride where ever your days travel takes you around the world. Bike Friday claims many world’s firsts, including the first suitcase travel bike, the first folding tandem, and the world’s lightest folding bikes. All of Bike Friday’s bicycles are hand made in the USA. 

Check out the campaign here:

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