Haul-A-Day E-Assist will change the world!


Like Manna from heaven the next dimension of Bike Friday bikes has finally hit the ground and hit the ground with rocket boosters. Going E-Assist has been life-changing for our test crew and loyal customers who were the early adopters of this technology so this is a big moment for us here at Bike Friday.

The Haul-A-Day is no longer just a cargo bike…it is so much more.

When on your commute to work, have you ever wished you could cut a few minutes off your time or climbing that hill wishing you could keep pace with the guy in biking shorts, but the full load of groceries keeps holding you back or you are a bike family but need to haul a load of 2X4’s from the hardware store?  Well guess what, it’s possible.  It’s even more than possible due to E-Assist.

Our team here has worked hard, invested countless hours not only building but also testing system after system, all to ensure we offer the same quality E-Bike as we do classic bike. We are able to officially replace your daily driver vehicle without skipping a beat. No joke…we are there and we are now able to work together and reach the goal of less cars on the road, less emissions, less carbon footprint, less sedentary life and a better world for future generations.

It’s time to spread your wings and fly down the bike trails.

This is huge…HUGE! We are excited to bring you along for the ride and know that together we are making a difference.  Keep following our journey and as you join the movement we hope you share you stories with us as well.

Together we are stronger.

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