Hangin’ with Cadel

Paul Webb (center, on the Bike Friday Pocket Rocket) hangs in the pack led
by Tour de France champion Cadel Evans during a promotional ride held recently in Brisbane, Australia.


Bike Friday owner Paul Webb recently sent us this photo of Tour de France champion Cadel Evans leading a ride in Australia, with Webb and his Bike Friday close at hand. Webb writes:

I’ve owned a Tandem Traveler XL Triple since 2000 and a tikit since Hanna Scholz brought a pre-production model to Australia in (that was 2007,  I think). 

Cadel is back in Australia at the moment and is ‘brand ambassador’ for Siemens.  I deal with Siemens in my work in the railway industry, so was lucky enough to get a fairly select invitation to ride with Cadel (and also Henk Vogels) on a cruisy ‘river loop’ in Brisbane. 

Cadel struck me as a genuinely nice guy, interested in a whole range of things outside bike riding and I thoroughly enjoyed riding alongside him talking about things like high speed rail.


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