Forever Young

Fred Time and his refurbished Pocket Rocket Pro.
[EDITOR'S NOTE: Least we forget the thrill that 
comes with a new bike, Bike Friday owner Fred Time 
recently sent us this note:]

OMG !!!

After a two-day delay in arrival, my beautiful Green 
Bike Friday arrived. I almost drove my wife, June, 
crazy waiting at the door and constantly calling 
Fed Ex about the delay.

Once a Fed Ex truck slowed down in front of 
my house, and when I ran out in the yard it sped away. 
This created much laughter from my wife and the
next door neighbor.

Finally on arrival, I dragged the box, gently, into 
the room and began ripping the box open  Once its 
beautiful green frame appeared a sense of relief 
and pride came over me.

I spent the rest of the day putting it together. 
I was pleasantly surprised how much I remembered from 
all of my overseas trips putting it together after 
arriving at a foreign airport.  I reminisced riding 
out of the airport into a foreign city on my way to
a bicycle adventure.  

I can't begin to thank you all for making my biking 
dreams reappear, and for making my 80th birthday 
one I shall always cherish.


Fred Time


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