Eugene Disaster Relief Trials Oct. 17th

Bike Friday’s Walter Lapchynski worked on his hefty load, with more than 200 pounds of equipment strapped on his bike.

By Raz

On the eve of the inaugural Eugene Disaster Relief Trials two years ago, Bike Friday Service Rep Michael Macemon burned the midnight oil putting together his Haul-a-Day prototype that he would race in the morning.

“I paid for that,” Michael says today, laughing. “I dropped my chain on the first parade lap and then spent the rest of the race passing people making up for my loss.”

Michael and Willie Hatfield treated the locals to a grand introduction to this unique cargo bike, showing off how a light, agile Haul-a-Day can perform even loaded to the max.

Michael raced his way back to finish tied for fourth while Willie finished first overall, but was relegated to second place for cracking an egg.

The rest, as they say, is history. Willie won both the Portland and Eugene Disaster Relief Trials last year.

Come October 17th at Eugene’s Alton Baker Park, Bike Friday will again display its colors with a number of employees racing their Haul-a-Days. We’d love to have you come and join the fun!

And, you can win a Haul-a-Day at the event! [details to come]

Last year 10 Bike Friday employees raced, as Haul-a-Days won all but one major category!

More important than winning, it’s a great event to bring out the whole family for some great fun, not to mention challenging, riding.

You can register and learn more on the official website as details become available.

So make plans today! Alan and Hanna Scholz will be there, along with other Bike Friday folks who would love to talk about bikes and meet you!

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