Bike Fridays & France’s Loire, at last!

Viva La France!

Kate and I have friends who bought some of the earliest Bike Friday’s ever made–back around 1990 if memory serves–one even purchased his from the very first Bike Friday production run! Way back then Kate and I immediately fell in love with the bikes. Thus, when we bought our World Tourists in the spring of 2018, we’d been thinking about joining the Bike Friday family for over 25 years!
Good things, they say, come to those who wait.

Riding along the Upper Loire

Kate and I have bike toured a long time, ever since spending a year on bikes in New Zealand and Australia back in the 1980s. And we continued to tour after that year of pedaling, including across the USA and at many places internationally. Over the last decade, however, we fell off traveling with our bikes because airlines have made shipping bikes prohibitively expensive. Enter our purchase of two Bike Friday World Tourists. Each bike folds neatly into a Samsonite suitcase meaning that after a way-too-long hiatus we are back in bike-travel business!
They also say that good things come in small packages.

Kate and I love people-powered travel. Our reasons, surely, are much like yours. Biking allows us all to see and experience new places at our own pace, to be more aware of our surroundings, to be more mindful of our bodies and the fitness radiating from them. Plus touring by bike must be the easiest way to meet people. Let’s face it, we bike tourists aren’t a scary lot! When strangers see us sweating and grunting up a 10% grade, they’re curious rather than afraid. Hence, the endless questions when we meet them waiting at the summit. Those discussions can be long ones, and if you happen to riding a Bike Friday, better be prepared for an even more extended visit!

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  1. If I am 6’1″ 220 lbs and wanted something that has front abd back bag holders what would you recommend. I have a Pak It for commuting now. I would like to use the bike for commuting too for work 15 miles each way and use on the train…is that possible?

  2. We have done the length of the Loire on our Tandem Tuesday….and then packed it up and headed home. Thanks Bike Friday.

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