Bike Friday Commuter in the News


Bike Friday owner Scott Bernstein made his local newspaper, The Journal News, talking about his commute to Manhattan on his Bike Friday.

Here’s an excerpt:

“His route: Bernstein commutes by bike about four days a week and takes local roads in Westchester. He weaves through Yonkers and the Bronx, crosses the Henry Hudson Bridge and winds up in Riverside Park. He rides the bike path before cutting across Manhattan to the hospital on First Avenue.

“Total trip time: 1 hour and 30 to 45 minutes.

“Total ride distance to work each week: 120 miles.

“Getting home: Bernstein takes his folding bike on Metro-North in the evening. He rides his bike to Grand Central Terminal and home from the Tarrytown train station.”

Sounds like an adventure!

Read the story here

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