Adventure Cyclist review


Patrick O’Grady spent some time reviewing our 2011 New World Tourist with the Select Group, and his conclusions appear in the June issue of Adventure Cyclist magazine, the official publication of the Adventure Cycling Association — a great resource for touring.

Just thought we’d share a couple of excerpts:

“Abandon your preconceived notions and ride the damn bike. Like any other two-wheeler, riding a New World Tourist is way more fun than many other things you can do with your clothes on, and it’s a good deal more versatile than whatever a wanna-be racer is riding.”

“Without racks and bags, the New World Tourist accelerates, corners, and brakes like a cat in a dog park. The straight-gauge, 4130-chromoly, made-in-Oregon frameset provides a comfortable, bump-muffling ride, and once rolling the bike doesn’t feel as though it weighs nearly 29 pounds (that’s with pedals, racks, and kickstand).”

Few review a bike the way Patrick O’Grady does.

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