A travel bike abroad, and an e-bike at home


e-assist Folding Bike on Beach in Oahu Hawaii




I am extremely happy with my Bike Friday Pocket Llama and my only regret is not buying one 15 years ago.  The ordering process was smooth and I found all the staff at Bike Friday to be very knowledgeable and helpful.  Communication was excellent and they met their production timelines.  And, I thought the cost was very fair for a custom bicycle.  The company and bike has exceeded my expectations.


My Pocket Llama was originally purchased as a travel bike.  Being a lifelong cyclist I grew tired of poor fitting rentals.


Over many years I have dialed in an upright riding position that is ideal for my style of riding.  I provided Bike Friday with accurate measurements of my “favorite” bike and they duplicated the position on the Pocket Llama.  I’m on the tall side and was concerned that something might not be right but they nailed it.


We have a lot of poorly maintained roads on Oahu so I wanted the fattest tires possible for a cushy ride.  The Pocket Llama offers the widest tire clearance of the various models.  The ride is very smooth and comfortable.


At home in Hawaii I have a Bionx system installed.  But, the motor is too heavy to travel with and airlines will not allow the battery.  So, when I travel the Bionx system stays at home.


BionX Pocket Llama folding bike in Hawaii.

The Pocket Llama in Boulder Colorado.

I love to ride the bike paths in Boulder, Colorado.  I finally have a bike that fits perfectly and is super comfortable.  On my last trip I was surprised how many compliments the Bike Friday received.  I’m talking heads turning, pedestrians stopping to admire it, and positive comments from the young and old.  It really says something when you hear that many compliments in a bike town like Boulder.  My last trip to Boulder was extra special thanks to Bike Friday!

David F.

Kaneohe, Hawaii



Thanks David for sharing your experiences with the Bike Friday community. To learn more about David’s bike, follow the link to the Pocket Llama. And to learn more about the BionX system, click here: e-assist.




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