A list of frequently asked questions


Question: How many miles do you ride per day?
Answer: about 60.

Question: what do you eat?
Answer: food.

Question: what is the scariest thing that has happened to you?
Answer: I was chased by five wiener dogs. At the same time.

Question: do you ever get lonely?
Answer: yes.

Question: do you ever get tired?
Answer: yes.

Question: do you listen to music while you ride?
Answer: yes.

Russian: do you ever ride in the rain?
Answer: yes.

Question: Have you ever had to go number two on the side of the road?
Answer: surprisingly no.

Question: have you ever had to sleep on the side of the road?
Answer: not yet.

Question: who is the craziest person you have met?
Answer: myself at mile 45 – singing John Denver to an audience of dead squirrels and frantic caterpillars.

Question: what do people say when they find out what you’re doing?
Answer: exactly what you said when I told you.

Question: are you going to write a book?
Answer: no.

Question: why the small wheels?
Answer: the bike and trailer components actually fit inside that suitcase. There’s this awesome company in the northwest, they do all the manufacturing in Eugene, OR …

Question: do you have to pedal more since you have small wheels?
Answer: no, I just use a bigger gear. (Sadly, I am asked this question frequently)

Question: would you do this trip again?
Answer: a similar trip, yes. I would also have to have a good companion with me.

Shootin some hoops at Duke! Yes, that is in fact a volley ball.

Duram bulls baseball Family in Raleigh, plus friends! My aunt, uncle, and cousins took very good care of me!

Firefighters made quick work of this roadside fire near Emporia, VA.

That’s right folks, it even all fits in the trunk of a Honda accord!

Day at the beach with the cousins near Norfolk, VA.


Jacob Publicover

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