Bike Friday in the Big Apple



By Raz

Dave Seybert and I hit New York City for the Bike Expo New York, the show that precedes the Five Boro Bike Ride on Sunday.

The turnout for the first two days at the show has been fantastic, and the excitement over the Bike Friday tikits with belt drives is high.

It’s great to see the look on someone’s face when they’ve taken a belt drive for a test ride for the first time.

Usually they shake their head in disbelief of how smooth and quiet the ride is. We’ve been spoiled. We’ve been riding the tikits all around New York.

We cruised over the Brooklyn Bridge on Thursday morning as we rode from Queens down to the Expo. Each night we ride to the subway, fold, jump on, get off, unfold and roll.

It’s given Dave in particular a new appreciation for the tikit, since he hasn’t had a big city experience with it before. Our dealer in New York, bfold’s David Lam, has joined us each day. Lynette Chiang has stopped by repeatedly!. Saturday is the last day.

Come on down!


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