Traveling with a tikit


Just got this note in from Josh Hartman,

a Bike Friday owner (the guy riding away from

his wedding on a Family Tandem):

Hey Bike Friday,

Thanks for making such a great bike! A friend and I toured 60+ miles a day on the
tikits this weekend. We were able to travel so much farther on our tour simply
because we could easily transport the bikes by train and car. Let me just say that
it is the best touring bike I have ever owned and I have owned a lot of bikes!

I thought I would share my video and pictures of our tour on the tikits.

Here are the original quality photos

Here is the video link

Thanks again Bike Friday! Feel free to use these any way you wish.

Josh Hartman

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  1. This tour was awesome! Beautiful weather, flat eastern NC roads, and of course my favorite bike – the Tikit! Riding my Tikit takes me back to a time when riding a bike was purely for fun. The fact that it folds is simply icing on the cake. First and foremost, it’s an awesome bike that rides as good or better than my traditional bikes. I plan to ride this puppy until the wheels fall off!

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