Delivering the Carbon Drive tikit to Interbike


       It’s that time of the year. The time when almost everyone in the cycling industry descends upon Las Vegas for the trade show known as Interbike.

The primary purpose of Interbike is to allow manufacturers and supplies to show their new products to shop owners, who decide what they will have in stock for next year.

Since all our Bike Fridays are built to order and we have special partnerships with our dealers, we don’t have a booth at the show.

Instead, we have a presence through some of our partners.

I flew into Vegas on Wednesday for a one-day quick run through the show to deliver our Carbon Drive tikit to the Gates Belt Drive booth, to meet with some media folks, and to take a quick peek at some neat stuff we might add to our Factory Showroom.

Nothing exemplifies the ease of travel with a Bike Friday more than delivering the tikit.

We packed it up in a suitcase, and I flew to Vegas with it as my checked luggage. Flying Southwest, of course, that meant it was free.

I got to the Gates booth, and in 10 minutes I showed their technicians how we had it packed up (since they will have to repack it to send it home), and it was up and on display in their booth.


The Carbon Drive tikit took its spot alongside the Big Boy of the booth.


The Gates booth had plenty of action and interest.


From suitcase to display in 10 minutes.


How much horsepower do you need? Your choice.







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