2022 Bike Friday Improvements and Upgrades




Wow! We are really excited for these new 2022 bikes. Here are 10 improvements and upgrades we think you will like about the new bikes for 2022.

We made fresh strawberry lemon-aid out of pandemic lemons creating significant improvements to our adventurous little wheels for 2022! It surprised us how many improvements came with the help of adversity (and fresh air and exercise) to see golden opportunities through material supply chain ‘clouds’!

Top Improvements to all Bike Fridays for 2022:

  1. Steering is 100% stiffer and headset is easier to adjust: Front end of every bike is upgraded to 1 1/8″ headset, new industry standard headset preload system.
  2. Wider tire clearance: New World Tourist tire clearance from 1.75″ to 1.95″. Cargo bikes now have 2.2″ w/ fenders, 2.5″ w/o.
  3. 315g lighter frames
  4. All bikes upgraded from 8spd to 9spd & 18spd
  5. Shifters upgraded from grip to trigger as standard
  6.  Ergonomic grips now standard
  7.  Reliable wide-range double chainring setups replace finicky triples
  8. Tires upgraded to Schwalbe Road Cruisers: Faster and made from recycled rubber.
  9. Disc brakes available on all models except pakiT
  10. New website pages for each bike make ordering your custom bike online easier.

At the factory here in Oregon we are excited to build you a special bike with all these improvements for you to ride in 2022.

Happy Cycling!

Hanna Scholz and the Bike Friday Team


We offer bike models for a wide variety of riding styles, all built to fit you and your personal desires:

New World Tourist

This best selling classic can do fully loaded touring and around town commuting. It quick folds in 30 seconds and packs into an airline suitcase. Electric Pedal Assist is an upgrade option where batteries are attached in bike-packing style bags that you can remove for non-assist rides when ever you want.

Check out the 2022 New World Tourist HERE!


Diamond Llama

The rugged, do-it-all, Diamond Llama is ready to take on the toughest of adventures. With a max rider weight of 330 lbs, the Diamond Llama is perfect for any body that prefers roads less traveled. The Diamond Llama is also e-assist compatible, same as the New World Tourist shown above.⚡️ Fly anywhere in the world with our airline-legal, e-assist system. We’re excited to see where you take it!

Check out the Diamond Llama HERE!

 The pakiT

This elegant, lightweight, compact folder has options for 9 speed or single speed gearing as well as belt drive (grease free). A bike with a remarkably smooth ride that easily fits under a desk, on the train or bus or car trunk – what ever your city transportation route has in it. The standard pakiT starts at 22 1/2 lbs for 9 speeds (option for even lighter available)! Compare to a super light Ti 6spd Brompton at 24.7lbs!

An electric assist upgrade option makes this one of the lightest E-bikes on the market and will get you where you need to go, fast! A true delight for the daily commuter. Compare to the Electric Brompton M6L at 34lbs for 6 speeds. Our Electric pakiT is 29lbs with 9spds!

Check out the 2022 pakiT HERE!


The Haul-a-day was already a very remarkable cargo bike and for 2022 we have doubled the front-end stiffness for increased confidence and control with a heavy load. We also increased the tire clearance to 2.4 inch!  The Haul-a-Day still offers noteworthy ease of use with a low step over height, more agile handling, and lighter weight than any other long tail cargo bike on the market. The frame adjusts in 3 places to truly fit every one in the family from 4 ft to 6ft 4 in.

With accessory options such as custom bags, a mid-motor electric assist, frame integrated rack, and front basket, it’s easy to make your Haul-a-Day a customized and functional ride. Attach Yepp seats or our Whoopee Deux bars and big feet footrests to turn this cargo bike into a full-on two-passenger-capable commuter!

Cargo bikes and E-Assist go together so well, it’s a shame other e-cargo bikes have to use most of their power for overcoming the heavy inefficient bikes. With the 45lb Electric Haul-a-Day, you get an electric-assist without the weight penalty of the other 60-80lb e-cargo bikes out there. For a similar carrying capacity! And it’s the only long-tail cargo bike Made in the USA!



The Ever-E-Day. The name says it all! This mid-tail electric-assist bike has been making waves since we finished the design in 2020, and now it’s time for a proper introduction. Weighing in at 37 lbs, the Ever-E-Day is one of the lightest e-bikes on the market. For 2022 it even takes tires up to 2.4 in now!

One of the remarkable aspects of this bike is its ability to change from a light electric bike for around town to a commuter bike to a child carrying cargo bike to an expedition camping bike all based on the accessories you install. One bike that really can do all that!

The adjustable mainframe allows for riders from 4ft to 6ft 4in to find the perfect fit; this is literally a bike the entire family can ride! Around Eugene, the Ever-E-Day is a new favorite for rough logging roads.

Ever-E-Day Designer and Bike Friday Co-founder, Alan Scholz, says about the Ever-E-Day:

“My bike designs are intended to ride well for all uses and travel well. They fit properly based on 120 years of bicycle design. The Bike Friday e-assist systems are to add to their already superlative capabilities as un-powered bicycles.  I strive to design in 12 Dimensions to fix many needs that not many other bicycles, and In this case no other cargo bikes have fully fulfilled. I’ve explored my 12 Dimensions of Design already in previous blogs: https://bikefriday.com/category/blog/design-in-12-dimensions.

At Bike Friday we are still a travel bike company because most good bikes still do not travel well. There-for our Ever-E-Day will pack and travel in an airline legal suitcase and still does 90% of what is expected of a good cargo bike at 2/3rds the weight.  It has room for fenders, room galore for gear and ability to take the most up-to-date fine wide easy-rolling tires. The key role of tire selection is more and more known thanks to the efforts of Jan Heine at Bicycle Quarterly/Rene Herse/Compass Tires. His All-Roads bike book is a highly recommended read: https://www.renehersecycles.com/shop/print/books/the-all-road-bike-revolution/

We call the Ever-E-Day a cargo bike, but it can actually be an excellent All-Road touring bike because of its extended wheel base and light weight. Its base weight as a 1×9, without Bike Friday E-Assist System, is 23 lbs. Yes! Starts at 23lbs for an All Road Ever-E-Day that can do Cargo and fly to the adventure!!”

Alan Scholz

Check out the Ever-E-Day HERE!


Bike Friday Tandem Two’sDay and Family Tandem

Bike Friday offers two different Tandem frame styles to support riding together where ever your adventure plans start in the world. The Family Tandem disassembles to pack into two airline suitcases. The Tandem Two’sDay actually folds in 1 minute to fit into the trunk of a car, boat, RV etc… so you can easily travel to the start of your ride. Starting at 41 lbs, tailored to fit your team and in your choice of colors, both of these Tandems are a high value investment in fun, exercise and adventures together.


10 Responses

  1. Hi Marianna,
    I charge my e-assist BF with Solar. Have been doing since August 2019.
    It does make me feel good to do so and it is and ideal 1st solar project.
    For here in Oregon for year around the best set up is a 70-100 watt hour panel,
    a ow cost charge controller and a 12v 100 amp hour deap cycle battery.
    To charge your your bike battery you need a low cost 12v to 110v ac inverter.
    Plug your regular charger for your battery into that and you are good to go in the same
    charging time that you have now pluging into your house system.
    I found getting the stuff off of Amazom would cost about $300 to get set up./Alan

  2. Is the frame of the 2022 Haul-A-Day stiffer because of the change of the frame design or only a result of the new 1 1/8″ headset?

    1. The newer Haul-a-Days use larger diameter tubing, especially in the stem riser (not the headset) and it is that change that leads to the additional stiffness.

  3. I have a larger stoker and I have gained weight. I am 290lbs and she is 190 lbs. I need to know the safe weight for my tandem Q. Also the weight limit for the folding Twos Day tandem.

    1. Larry, structurally, you’d have no reason to be concerned on either model. The tandems are exceptionally strong. The biggest issue with that amount of weight on a single bike is not whether or not the frame will hold, but whether or not the captain is comfortable with safely controlling all of it.

    1. Blake, yep. You’ll need a new fork, headset, stem riser, and a headtube reducer. Contact our service department and they can get you set up with all that.

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