The Bike Friday Community

Eight Bike Friday riders trek the Great Allegheny Passage

Connect and ride with Bike Friday cyclists around the world!

There are a number of great ways to get involved in the Bike Friday Community, whether it’s just down the street or it’s Down Under.

Facebook Groups

The number one way to connect with Bike Friday owners across the globe is through the various Bike Friday Facebook groups:

Bike Friday Community – general Bike Friday group

Haul-a-Day Users Group – Haul-a-Day specific group

The pakiT pack! – pakiT specific group

Australian Bike Friday Club – the official page for the Australian Bike Friday Club


The Yak


The Yak is a listserv (an email based forum) exclusively for the Bike Friday Community. Don’t want to be bothered with Facebook, want a simple text-only platform for discussing all things Bike Friday? Then the Yak is for you- go to this page to subscribe.


Meetup is a great way to connect and do activities with people with similar interests, including other Bike Friday riders! In fact, the very first Bike Friday Meetup group, The Bike Friday Society, was just started in NYC!

Want to start a Bike Friday Meetup group in your area? Join and invite others to join you for rides! Once you’ve set up your group, tell us about it and we’ll add it here for people to find.


Testimonials, Stories, & Photos


Want to see what others are doing and saying about their Bike Fridays but without having to join a group? Then the best way to see photos and read first-hand experiences from Bike Friday riders is to check out one of the following resources:


Bike Friday Web Gallery – user submitted photos from around the world!

Bike Friday’s Instagram – a treasure trove of gorgeous photos on everyone’s favorite photo sharing app.

Bike Friday’s Blog – stories from around the world, updated weekly!

Testimonials – each bike page has its own review section at the very bottom of the page. Scroll down to read first hand experiences of Bike Friday owners:


New World Tourist

Pocket Llama




Pocket Rocket

Pocket Rocket Pro

Super Pro

Family Tandem

Tandem Two’sDay


Have a photo or story you’d like to share? Email us at:




Eight Bike Friday riders trek the Great Allegheny Passage


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