Posted: 2000-10-13

What is the weight maximum for the Bike Friday TravelTrailer?


The Bike Friday TravelTrailer is rated for up to 100 lbs. (45.5kg). This is an absolute maximum weight rating. Depending on the conditions you are riding in, some adjustments may need to be made. For example, riding on rough, bumpy surfaces for long distances can be extra hard on the Travel Trailer frame. In this example, you may want to reduce your load. With tandems using the stacker unit with two cases on one trailer frame, the total load must be 100 lbs. (45.5kg) or less. In most cases, on an overloaded trailer, the axles portions of the frame will start to bend.

If you plan to do any long tours with a heavy trailer in remote areas it may be advisable to carry an extra trailer axle as this is the most comman part to fail. Call us to order one.