Posted: 2012-01-17

I can’t open my Travelcase.


I can’t remember my combination.


The following are the lock picking instructions you requested from Samsonite Consumer Relations. * This article is for the 2010 and older F’lite case and may not work for the newer than 2010 versions.

1. Position the luggage so that the numbers on the wheel are
right-side-up as they face you and set all three wheels to “0”.
2. Starting with the wheel on the left, to the right of the wheel,
look into the narrow space between the right side of the wheel and
the body of the lock. Look down into the shaft. (If you have a
safety pin, straight pin, or thin nail file, place that in the
narrow space.)
3. While looking down into the shaft, rotate the wheel slowly. You
are looking for an indentation (a square notch). When you find
the indentation, stop and write the number down. (If you are using
a tool, the tool will fall into the indentation.)
4. Follow the process for the remaining two wheels.
5. Try to open the piece of luggage.
6. If the luggage still will not open, please try the following:
a) If the number on the wheel is over 5, subtract 5 from the
number showing. For example, if the number showing is 8 turn
the wheel to 3 because 8-5=3.
b) If the number is under 5, add 5 to the number showing. For
example if the number showing is 2 turn the wheel to 7
because 2+5=7. The numbers showing on the wheels will be
your combination.


Additional Info

If you still have a problem with the combination lock, contact the nearest authorized repair center to your zip code, for repair assistance. Our warranty and repair information can be viewed at under the ‘contact us’ ‘customer relations’ tabs for your reference.

Inquire about Warranty and Repair: Broke zipper or Wheel Replacement?

Call Samsonite 800-262-8282

Monday-Friday 10:30 AM – 5:30 PM EST