tikit – overlatch bolt


My tikit doesn’t seem to stand up by itself when I fold it


Overlatch bolt needs to be screwed all the way in

NOTE: As of 2008, the overlatch bolt has been eliminated, and this note no longer applies. The tikit WILL stand up if you ensure that the left crank is rotated towards the back of the bike before folding.


This bolt is used to make the bike ‘over latch’ or fold smaller for packing into the suitcase. It is located under the bottom bracket beside the chain as shown in this photo. Whenever you pack the bike in the suitcase, you will need to “back out” this screw, leaving it in place, allowing the bike to ‘overlatch’ and thus fold as small as possible. Every time you unpack your tikit and assemble it, make sure you screw the bolt all the way in, so it doesn’t overlatch and this stand up when folded.

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