SRAM Dual Drive hub – how to adjust


Shifting is off, and I want to know how the thing works!


Click box is out of adjustment


The left hand shifter (which operates the internal hub), should be set into the lowest/easiest position to relax the cable going to the clickbox* for the internal hub. Note that in Australia, the shifters are reversed, and this shifter is typically on the right handlebar. Ranges are 1 to 3 for easiest to hardest (reverse on older non-DualDrive hubs).

To detach the clickbox, push the button down; to attach, push the button up.

If there is a button sticking problem when trying to attach, do the following:

  • rotate the clickbox so the bottom is facing up and you can see the exposed metal blade in opening.
  • pinch the blade against the cylinder face near the center of the opening and push the button from the now-underside such that it raises the blade and now top-side button toward you. note that the blade will be ‘locked’ in place.
  • rotate the clickbox back to its original position for attaching to the axle (when looking into the window, the yellow bar should be at the top of the window).

Once attached, shift to the mid-range on the left shifter and check to see that the yellow bar is centered in the ‘ladder’ of the window; adjust the bar as necessary using the know just of the right of the word “SRAM” on the clickbox.

* More about the clickbox … The clickbox is the black or silvery box at the end of the cable on the right side of the rear wheel and is attached to the axle. It actually attaches to the small shift rod (looks like a large straight pin) that extends from the center of the axle. The ‘top’ of the clickbox has the word “SRAM” printed in the upper right corner and a ‘window’ in the lower right corner. In the center of the top is the ‘button’ for attaching/detaching the clickbox from the shift rod. On the ‘right side’ is the cable adjustment knob. The ‘axle side’ has the opening to insert the end of the axle and the shift rod. When flipped over, the ‘bottom’ shows an exposed or opened right side with a small metal lever and the ‘bottom button for attaching/detaching the clickbox. The ‘left side’ of the clickbox (clickbox cover) can be removed in order to access the cable clamp (attaches the cable that enters through the knob and passes through the clickbox to the hidden part of the lever). The buttons on the top and bottom are connected to the small metal lever and all move together.

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