Shortening cranks


We’re enjoying the Family Tandem Traveler very much, however, I think the 6- and 7-year-old stokers would do better with smaller cranks. Can this be done?


An effective and simple way to address the need for shorter cranks for a child stoker is to use “crank shorteners.” These are aluminum adapters which bolt on to the cranks and allow the pedals to be installed in several possible positions on the arm of the crank closer to the spindle, effectively shortening the cranks for shorter legs. The advantage with using shorteners is that they allow for the inevitable growth of the stoker’s legs. They can be easily removed, too, for stoker swapping.

Crank shorteners are US$89 per pair at the time of this writing and can be ordered by calling our customer service department with the numbers below, or send a request using the “Write to Us” form.

Crank shorteners are included with the Family Tandem Traveler small child stoker kit, which provides a small child seat along with an extended, multiple-position handlebar set. This kit allows you to properly fit children between 36″ and 55″ (.92m to 1.4m). See the link below in related products