Rotational free play in the stem


I notice that the steerer tube on my New World Tourist is not as close fitting as it used to be. When the quick-release is released but the tube still in properly (all the way down), there is some rotational free play (i.e. you can turn the handle bars say 10-20 degrees or so either way without turning the wheel). This was not the case when I first had the bike. Is this how it should be or is there a problem here?


With the quick-release open, there should be some (10 degrees or so) side to side rotation to the stem. The stem is designed with a safety feature which keeps it pointed forward in the event that you forget to tighten the quick-release and ride off.


As long as the stem stays put once the quick-release is tightened fully, everything is as it should be. If not, give us a call.