Removing a tight stem


The stem on my new Bike Friday can sometimes be difficult to remove. Any tips?


The connection between the steerer tube and the stem collar can be a bit tight when the bike is new. As the stem is removed and inserted over and over, the two surfaces will wear together and the stem will become easier to remove.

Be sure to liberally grease the part of the stem riser that slides into the steerer tube before reinserting. We recommend cleaning and replacing the lubrication on the stem riser annually.


A simple trick to aid in the removal of a stem is to use your Bike Friday headset/pedal wrench between the headset top nut and the quick release at the base of the stem. Pry lightly up as you pull upward on the stem. See the attached diagram.

It can also help to keep a layer of grease between the steerer tube and stem collar.

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