Rear derailleur shift difficulty


I often have trouble shifting the rear derailleur with my twist shifters on my New World Tourist. Some time ago on the Yak list, someone suggested replacing the cassette with a Shimano. Is this a viable solution?


Depending on the age of the components, you may have a worn cassette and/or chain.


We recommend having the cassette and chain inspected by a professional bicycle mechanic. Replacing the chain and cassette can often greatly improve shift quality. We would also have the rear derailleur inspected as well as the shifter and cable.

If you choose to replace the cassette with a differnt brand than what’s there now, be certain that the entire transmission (chain, derailleurs, freewheel, sprockets, chainset, hub and shifters) is built to work as a unit. As we have have done much experimenting with this, feel free to contact us with specific compatability questions.

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