Removing the cog on a Shimano Alfine 11 Internally Geared Hub

Posted: 2011-12-02 By: Tim Link Symptoms I want to change the gearing on my internally geared hub Solutions This video shows you how to remove (and reinstall) a cog (standard or Carbon Belt Drive) from your Shimano Alfine 11 internally geared rear hub.  The video shows the step by step process.  The procedure requires a […]

Packing video and Pdf manual for all Bike Friday models

Ever-E-Day Ever-E-Day Manual PDF Pocket Bikes (New World Tourist, Rockets, Diamond Llama) Pocket Bike Video – Unpacking Pocket Bike Video – Packing Pocket Bike (New World Tourist, Rockets and Diamond Llama) Manual PDF Pocket Bike QuickFold Manual PDF Belt Drive Bikes (New World Tourist Silk, Pocket Rocket Silk) Hinge Forward Manual PDF Tandems Tandem Packing […]

Silk manual

Posted: 2013-06-14 By: Bike Friday staff member Rene Bennett Symptoms I have lost my manual for my new Silk. Solutions click on this link for a full-color PDF of the Silk manual.

Tandems folded and packed

Here we have folding instructions for our two current models of Tandem bikes.  Enjoy and please let us know if you run into any stumbling blocks along the way as we are always happy to help. Packing and Unpacking Solutions: Un-Packing Video for your Family Tandem: Un-Packing Video(Click Me) Packing Video for your Family Tandem: […]

tikit packing video and manual

Posted: 2011-11-16 Symptoms I need to pack my tikit and I can’t find my DVD Solutions book mark this link to the packing video on youtube. And here is the tikit Bike Manual pdf. Related Videos

Pocket bike packing video and Pdf manual

Posted: 2011-11-16 Symptoms I’ve misplaced my DVD and I am going on a trip soon Solutions Watch this youtube video and book mark it so you will always have it when you need it. Pocket Bike Manual pdf   Related Videos: Packing Video: Unpacking Video: Quick Pack Video(Llama):

Packing Video and pdf manual for the Tandem Two’sday

Posted: 2011-11-16 Symptoms I want to pack my Tandem Two’sday but I can’t find my instructional video Solutions Watch this informative Youtube video. You may want to book mark it so you will always have it handy. And here is the pdf Tandem Instruction Manual

Packing video and Pdf manual for the Family Tandem

Posted: 2011-11-16 Symptoms I need to pack my bike but I’ve misplaced the packing video. Solutions Bookmark this youtube video and you can watch the video wherever there is internet service. And here is the pdf Tandem Instruction Manual Related Videos

Frame # locations

Posted: 2011-09-07 By: Rene Bennett Symptoms I can’t find/read my frame number. Causes We first stamp the frame number into the frame of your bike, then powder coat. Sometimes the powder fills in the numbers thus making it hard to read. As for finding the location of your frame number, We moved them a few […]

tikit – overlatch bolt

Posted: 2008-10-01 Symptoms My tikit doesn’t seem to stand up by itself when I fold it Causes Overlatch bolt needs to be screwed all the way in NOTE: As of 2008, the overlatch bolt has been eliminated, and this note no longer applies. The tikit WILL stand up if you ensure that the left crank […]