Frame # locations


I can’t find/read my frame number.


We first stamp the frame number into the frame of your bike, then powder coat. Sometimes the powder fills in the numbers thus making it hard to read.

As for finding the location of your frame number, We moved them a few times over the years. Keeps the thieves guessing!


To read the number we have a couple of suggestions.

1. You can take a flashlight and hold it at an angle over the number, this will create shadows in the peaks and valleys which should help view it better.

2. If the powder coat is too heavy, you can with sandpaper, sand down the area where the numbers are. Then you should be able to read it. BUT you must protect the bare metal from rusting. We suggest a good quality clear nail polish. Be sure to coat the entire area thoroughly.

3. Alternatively, you can take a piece of paper and a pencil and place the paper over the serial number and gently run the pencil over the area, covering the area up in pencil marks.  This “Sherlock Holmes” technique will often faintly display the serial # in the sketched over the area from the impressions made by the stamp.

Additional Info

To find the number, here are a few different locations you can look.

stem                      earliest P-series
bottom bracket       2008 – 2009
latch plate              2009 onward

FYI–  locations of other Bike Friday models frame numbers

Pocket Bikes
bottom bracket       1997 onward
rear dropout pre-1997 469-1993,  F520 diamond frame

bottom bracket shell between cranks (front or rear)       all