Packing a non-packable Green Gear Family Tandem


I have a first generation Family Tandem. Although it is not “packable” like some of the recent models, I am interested in finding out the best way to dissassemble the bike so that it can packed in some way for travelling. Although it will not fit into two standard size suitcases, do you think that it will fit into a full size bicycle travel case?


You’ve got a good idea in using a full-size bike box. That should work. If they aren’t already there, you can use cable splitters on any of the brake or derailleur cables running to the rear (see related products below). Split the bike in the middle by loosening the pinch bolts on the top and bottom tubes, remove the stem, pedals, and saddles and see how small the entire package will get. It should fit in a full-size bike carrier.