My tikit won’t go in the case

Posted: 2011-05-09


I  am  trying  to  help a friend pack her new Tikit2Ride in a BF Flite Case. She has studied the various videos and seems to be doing everything as  demonstrated, but her Tikit just won’t fit.  Here’s a picture of the bike in the case as far as it will go. The red  arrows show the parts that are preventing the bike from going into the  case. In  the  video,  neither  the back wheel nor the fender nor the rubber  post  (see lower right red arrow) is removed.  Can  anyone offer suggestions about how to get this Tikit in the Flite  case?

  1. This shows the packing method – Rotating the cranks 180 pushes down the headset and gets the clearance that you need.
  2. 2009 update: The Overfold – this video shows how you get the tikit frame to fold slightly smaller

Thanks to Alex Wetmore, Walter and Chris Nelson for these tips.

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