Heavy Rider Upgrades


At Bike Friday, we often receive inquiries or comments from people who are concerned about their weight.  “Hey, aren’t we all?”  Now, people come in all shapes, sizes, and challenges.  The beautiful thing about a Bike Friday is that we custom-build every bike to meet a variation of criteria and preferences.

No person is built the same.  But, we all have bought standard size bikes. For me, they just never felt right.

Recently, a Pocket Llama came off the production line with our diamond frame, heavy rider upgrade. Ruthy Kanagy, a BF Sales Consulant said “we should remind everyone about our heavy rider bike options.”  So, I thought I would take a shot of it to show people how seriously strong our reinforced bikes are for the heavier rider.

Diamond Frame

Instead of the standard mono-tube configuration, we have changed the heavier rider frame to a diamond frame for additional support.


We are using two thick brackets at the back base of the bottom bracket (cranks). Talk about reinforcement!  Not only for the ride, but for the fold as well.   These thick metal strips provide the extra security, stability, and durability for a heavier rider.

Heavy Rider Rims

In addition, it’s very common for us to use 36-spoke rims and a front fork from our tandem series bicycles.  Which by the way, are rated for approximately 400lbs.


So, if you’re a heavier rider and you want a bike for exercise, you don’t have to wait to lose weight.  You can get a Bike Friday bike right now to help you achieve your weight loss goals.  And, in the end, you still have an incredibly strong bicycle that you can fold and pack with you for travel.  You heard me.  Yes, it folds and packs in a suitcase for your travel needs.

Personally, I hate stationary bikes, which many heavy riders are forced to endure.  Hey, they serve a great purpose, but I get bored really easily.

I’d rather feel the breeze, see the landscape, and actually be somewhere.  With a Bike Friday, it’s possible.