Easy Pack Seat Mast vs. Folding Seat Mast


Deciding between an Easy Pack Seat Mast and Folding Seat Mast.


Bike Friday gives you the option of an Easy Pack or Folding Mast.

We know these terms may be new to you, so we thought we’d define them for you here.

The Easy Pack Mast was designed to make the bike easier to pack than its hinged (Folding Seat Mast) counterpart.

The seat mast slides out of the frame so you can lay it in the case separate from the bike. If you won’t be folding the bike very often, but plan to travel frequently, this model is a great choice. In addition, this model does not have the Seat Mast Hinge, which translates into a lighter weight bike for you!

The Folding Seat Mast (pictured below on the New World Tourist) is designed for folks who plan to be folding their bike often to take it in the bus, train, private plane, boat, or throw it in the car boot. This bike still fits easily into Bike Friday TravelCase for your adventures. The seat mast is painted the same color as the frame. Loosening one quick release allows you to fold the rear of the bike and the seat post.

The Folding Seat Mast comes standard on the Pocket Crusoe, the Pocket Rocket Pro, Pocket Llama, and the tikit. It is also standard on the New World Tourist and the Pocket Rocket as of September 2008.

The Easy Pack mast is a choice on any of these Built to Order models except the tikit.