Comparing gearing between models


I currently have a Pocket Rocket with an 11- to 28-tooth cog set, a SRAM 3×8 hub and a 48-tooth chainring. In reading the specs for the new Pocket Rocket vs. the New World Tourist, I noticed that the NWT has a lower gear range than the PR. Both have a 46-tooth chainring and 11- to 28-tooth cog set. I am confused on the math.

I would like the lower gears of the NWT for my PR. Is that possible? Is changing the chainring the best solution? Is there any way to get the 22.5-107 that NWT has?


The most significant difference between the New World Tourist (NWT) and the Pocket Rocket (PR) is the wheel size. The PR has a wheel size of 451, which is designed for road use (low rolling resistance, and higher inflation). The NWT has a wheel size of 406, which is smaller than the PR, and better designed for touring and/or off-road (softer ride, better terrain handling).


The smaller wheels of the NWT provide gear ranges that are lower (easier) than the PR. You can compensate for this by changing the front chainring.

We recommend speaking with a Travel Systems Consultant. They have access to a gear-inch chart and a list of possible cassette combinations. They can help you figure out what you have, what you want, and the combination it will take to get it