Chain jamming


My chain occasionally gets jammed between the chainring protector and the chainring itself.


The chainring protector is too thin and not the right diameter.


As at September 2008, the protector ring on the tikit needs to be a slightly bigger diameter and a slightly thicker material; it is deforming and thus allowing a gap big enough for the chain to open up between it and the chainring.

The quick fix is just to go round and push the protector back towards the chainring (if you do this with the chain off the ring there is enough room to allow for the spring back) using your hand.

We have been supplying replacement protectors when folk have a problem (and I am having some made in town so we don’t have to keep machining the teeth off expensive chainrings!), for others it seems to work just fine.

As at September 2008 we have contected the supplier to try and get the changes implemented. Meanwhile, contact Bike Friday to get one of our one-off, custom replacement rings. – Rob English

I used my handy dandy shop chairing straightener tool to re-align my ring guard in 30 seconds and have had no problem since. Do bike shops know how to straighten rings any more? It’s pretty basic and a requirement on almost all bikes at some time in their life unless people have the most high end front derailleur cranks on their bikes. Even then, sometimes the judicious straightening of a ring gives superior results. – Alan Scholz