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Did you know that owning a Bike Friday can pay dividends?

Yes, you can earn $75 Bike Friday credit or $50 cash for every customer you refer to us who buys a Bike Friday.

As a Bike Friday owner, you should expect people to be curious about your Bike Friday.

Not only friends, family and acquaintances, but even strangers –- cyclists and non-cyclists alike –- will stop to ask questions about your Bike Friday.

Many new customers are found when Bike Friday owners share their love of cycling and talk about their bikes. Some even let them test ride their bikes. Without this support, Bike Friday might be just another bike company. Word of mouth is our life blood.

Expressing our appreciation

We reward these efforts by paying $50.00 (or $75.00 in-store credit) for each referral that results in the sale of a new custom Bike Friday or $25.00 for a pre-loved Bike Friday.*

It’s more than the reward. Some owners say they don’t want to be rewarded for talking about Bike Fridays. For them, half the fun of ownership is spotting another Bike Friday, pulling over and chatting like you were long lost friends.

It’s no wonder why many owners enjoy recruiting others to join the club. So you are not obliged to accept the reward, but your referrals are very important to us.

It’s easy to participate

We include referral cards with your new bike packet when you purchase a Bike Friday. Or you can fill out the form below.

Referral cards to carry with you

referral card front

Just fill in your name on the line where it says “I’m a Bike Friday Fan” and hand them the card as a reminder to give us a call. When they tell us that you referred them and if that person buys a Bike Friday, you get the reward for introducing them.

Need more referral cards? Just ask. Email us at and give us the address you’d like us to mail the cards to.

Or save the paper and fill out the form below with your friend’s contact information. (We guard this as a privilege and would never sell or share this information)

We look forward to seeing you and your Bike Friday on the road and in the air!

NOTE: The referral program is only for customers who order direct from us. A check or credit will be issued after our 30 day return policy window has elapsed. Referral offer not valid on bikes that have been returned within that 30 day time frame. Referrals expire after 2 years.

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