Grinn Technologies LIGO 10X Update


We have been waiting on pins and needles for the last two years. Believe us when we say we are looking forward to this update from Grin Tech as much as you are!

This is what we know so far based on their Youtube video pitch from 2022, designs could have changed since: 

  • This new battery will be a square modular design, enclosed in an aluminum body and will have a slot to sit on a rail that can be mounted to a bike.
  • This new design also gets rid of cable messes!
  • It will be just under 100 watt hours to avoid violating TSA airline travel regulations.
  • They are working on UL certification as well!


As Grin Technologies releases more info, we will continue to update the Bike Friday Community through our newsletter and social media channels – Please stay tuned for more info!


Price and weight are yet to be determined by Grin Technologies.

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  1. They recently released a short video of the LiGo 10X, and also had said they’d have them at a show in Germany last month.

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