A Flash of Light



Honking blasts of geese.

Sweet scents of fir needles.

A warm tear down an icy cheek.

A flash of soft morning light.

Lightning quick moments that freeze time and seemingly linger throughout the day.


That’s why.

Those are the endless stream of answers to the questions so many others ponder from the warmth of their cars as another morning commute unfolds.


That’s all they want to know.

Why would someone pile on a few layers of clothes?

Why would someone sometimes lather vaseline on your cheeks?

Why would someone roll their bicycle out into the cold, or wind, or rain, or snow?

So often the words stumble and bumble when we try to answer.

Words never seem to be adequate to capture the soaring, flowing essence of what lures us onto our saddles.

Then, it happens.

A flash of morning light that magically transforms an everyday moment into a stunning memory.

An image to attach to the sounds, the scents and the feel.


This is why.

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