I have recently installed a new cordless cyclometer on my Bike Friday. I believe I have followed all the setting instruction but it does not register my speed or distance. What is wrong?


Most often, the problem with wireless computers is distance. This can be the distance between the transmiter(mounted on the fork) and the magnet (mounted on the wheel). These two things should be as close as possible without hitting as the wheel rotates. Also be sure the transmitter is oriented correctly, so that the correct face is toward the wheel.

The other big distance issue is between the transmitter and the reciever. On big-wheeled bikes, the reciever can be mounted on the bars and the distance between the transmitter and reciever is only 16 inches or so. On Bike Friday travel bikes, often the distance between the transmitter and reciever exceeds the manufacturers recomended distance (typically 24 inches or so).


Bike Friday makes an auxillary computer mount that replaces the nut on the stem quick-release and puts the reciever down lower on the bike and solves the distance problem. You can order the mount below.

On occasion cyclometers “crash” (just like desktop computers) and must be reset. This can be accomplished in one of two ways. Many computers have a reset button on the back that must be pushed by inserting a paper clip into a hole in the back. Consult the manufactures instruction manual for details. The other method of reseting is to simply remove the battery for a few minutes then re-install.

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