Upgrading 8-speed 3×7 cassettes


I am currently riding a New World Tourist with an 8-speed cassette with 9-speed spacing. Can I change this to a standard 9-speed cassette?


At the moment, the answer is no. Sorry. The SRAM Spectro 3×7 hub is designed for a seven-speed cassette. We have discovered a way to use eight-speed spacing that bends the rules.

The eight-speed/nine-speed spacing accomplishes two things: 1) get more gears and 2) allows us to use the fancy nine-speed shifters (like Shimano’s STI levers). The Spectro 3×7 will not work with nine cogs.

It is understood that SRAM has a 3×9 system in the works, but no delivery date has been set yet. Stay tuned.

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