Posted: 2000-10-02

The trailer hitch on my Sat R Day broke off. What should I do?


We have heard of three trailer hitches breaking off of Sat R Day recumbent frames. The reason for the failure is due to the flexible nature of the ovalized seat stay on the Sat R Day. This appears to be a design error, and we are no longer manufacturing Sat R Days with the attached trailer hitch.


Check to see how the trailer hose connects. If the trailer tow bar connects to your Sat R Day via a brass hitch brazed (joined) onto the chainstay, then this production alert affects your bike, and we strongly caution you against using this trailer hitch.

If you are unsure about which type of hitch connector your Sat R Day recumnbent has, we have linked this article to a photo of a brazed-on trailer hitch.

We have an alternative method of attaching the trailer, using a removable axle bolt hitch that drops onto the rear axle and is held in place by tightening the axle bolt. This is the “BicycleR evolution” axle bolt trailer hitch and usually costs US$19.95. We will provide this hitch to any Sat R Day owner who has the seat stay-attached trailer hitch and would like to replace it. Please use the “Write to us” form to request your replacement trailer hitch.

If your seat stay-attached trailer hitch has broken off your Sat R Day, there is no risk to your frame.

We are not recalling Sat R Day recumbents at this time. Although there is a risk that the hitch may break off, there is no risk of frame faiure. This risk has not been detected in any other Bike Friday frame, only with the Sat R Day recumbent.