How to shift the SRAM 3-speed hub


I’m having difficulty getting the three-speed hub to shift. (This refers to the SRAM 3×7 hub, formerly the SACHS 3×7 hub.)

  1. Shifting is simple, but may take a while to get used to. While pedaling, move your left shifter one stop at a time to find the gear you want. There is an underdrive and an overdrive along with the middle direct drive to choose from.
  2. The hub will not shift under full pedal pressure. Shift the hub while pedaling, but back off on the pedal pressure a bit. On hills, pedal a little harder to gain some momentum, then ease off of the pedal pressure while shifting. It may sound complex, but shifting becomes second-nature rapidly.

    Tip: Try to anticipate hills by down-shifting in advance so you don’t stall on a hill. You can shift back up again into the best gear for you while climbing.

  3. Don’t worry about a specific shifting sequence. Just ride in whatever gear “feels” right. Cross chaining is not a concern here!


Additional Info


  • The hub will shift while coasting.
  • The hub can be shifted at a standstill by pedaling backwards!
  • It is normal for the hub to make a quiet clicking noise when riding. There are two sets of pawls inside.
  • For your information, the gear ratios: under drive, 73%; middle range, 100% (1:1); overdrive, 136%.
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